In 1977 mankind launched Voyager spacecrafts. Each one carried a golden record with sounds and images selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth.

However, a scientist of that project who didn’t agree very much with that music selection, decided to make a new golden record including what he thought it was the best music on planet Earth: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Queen, Rush, AC/DC, Aerosmith, UFO, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Alice Cooper… And he sent it in one of the spacecrafts.

A while after that, a group of aliens from Incógnita planet found this record and decided to come directly to planet Earth to find out more about the thing human beings call “music”. As soon as they arrived, music stunned them so much that they decided to stay and create their own rock band. Now they live with a young graphic artist who’s helping them to get used to their new planet. In exchange, he will use the alien’s crazy behavior as inspiration for his comics.

PS: In order to better adapt themselves to Earth, ALIEN ROCKIN’ EXPLOSION did take human bodies, except Cat, who’s trapped on a feline body, and Flantur, the aliens’ spacecraft changed into a huge, 4-eyed elephant… It’s a long story.

VAN HALIEN (Guitar & Backing vocals)

He is spontaneous, carefree, passionate, naive, forgetful and above all cheerful.
His full new body shudders with the music he loves. He has received the full impact of Heavy Metal.

His arrival on the Earth is the most exciting experience of his whole existence. Everything surprises him. Everything is exciting. He is willing to try, to taste, to feel, to experiment, to make mistakes and, especially, to play his guitar very, very loud.

He left Incognita fleeing from a dull life, intrigued by what humans call music. And he is determined to live the experience with as much intensity as possible… Even if it hurts, like when he tattooed his skin.

He loves coffee and those little crunchy things called almonds. He despises spiders and staring at anything in pink color provokes him headache.


Enthusiastic, funny, curious and serene… Until something irritates her and freaks her out. Then she will be able of blow a nuclear plant if the anger deserves it. She’s pure energy in continuous transformation, an emotional roller-coaster that can’t fit in imposed labels or preconceived standards.

She loves to investigate everything, taste everything, imagine everything. This is the only way she can decide the things she likes and she likes not (though she is changing her mind all the time…) She adores planet Earth and all its inhabitants… But humans. She has serious problems to bear (and understand) their negligent and self-destructive behavior.

She can control electricity to her liking. However, when her anger starts to boil… You better run before she causes a deadly electrical discharge! If she’s happy, she will radiate kindness and good vibes. The best way to keep her happy is with music in her ears, nature close to her and tons of tasty cheese.


Mazzurg was the first “incognitian” to reach the Earth. He was very worried about the weather conditions of this planet and he was determined to adopt a big and powerful shape to deal with any adversity he could find… But he took the size of a small billboard photo as example and when he realized that the average height was higher, it was too late. The time he spent here before his companions arrived helped him to acquire a big addiction to fast food and comics, hobbies that tend to occupy his free time.

He has a very peculiar and volatile sense of humour. He tends to have a grumpy expression, though deep down he’s even grumpier and he shows his kind side with refined sarcasm lines. Still, sometimes it seems like he smiles…

Mazzurg dominates the vibration of matter. He can control some aspects of the sound, such as producing sound waves of any kind. He can also produce vibrations in solid bodies, shock waves or earthquakes. Supposedly, he uses this power to be faster with the drums, but his body cannot resist this stress very long and he usually ends up knackered.

TIO-TO (Bass)

Behind his dark and mysterious appearance, you can find in him a shy and discreet human been, thoughtful and kind, able to adapt to any situation possible.

Some say he pays attention with pleasure to anyone that needs to be heard, so much so that he can actually disengage from his current place and time to hear ultrasonic frequencies that no one else can hear. Bad thing about that is  he sometimes disengages so intensely that looks like he is just “groggy”.

Anyway, using a smile and a simple “Sorry dude… ¿what did you say?” he successfully comes out from these situations… Most of the times.

POCOPELO (Cartoonist, musician and resigned host)

Rubén “el PocoPelo” (translated as Little Hair, though he has a large amount of it) is a curious and extravagant human who documents with pencils and brightly colored markers the funny experiences of this alien troop.

As a good fond of guitars and microphones, it wasn’t difficult at all to convince him to join this peculiar ship of musicians from outer space, as they also offered friendship and understanding to this guy who “feels like an alien in this planet”.


A cat, no more and no less… But not an ordinary cat! Inside this adorable animal there’s a mighty scientist, expert in cutting-edge technology, able to dominate terrestrial life forms trough complex mental powers.

He made only one but terrible mistake: while learning about life in planet Earth, he connected to an obsolete communication system (called Internet by humans), finding that the greatest number of searches was about those little living beings called kitties. He misunderstood  then that Kitties were the dominant race in planet Earth. No long after that he realized how wrong he was… But it was too late.

He started to look for a human he could mentally control, and after many attemps, he finally found Tio-To, the one and only that can stand Gato’s experiments… so far.

He needs to hear low frequencies every day, and he’ll never refuse canned tuna!

FLANTUR (Spaceship)

Flantur is… is… Flantur is a spaceship in love, turned into a huge and white four-eyed pachyderm with a broken heart. It’s hard to explain…

Incognitians use “plondras” as spaceships. Flantur is Mazzurg’s “plondra”, and it’s quite smart (more than other “plondras”). Flantur fell in love with a gorgeous female elephant from Madrid zoo, so he decided to turn himself into the most impressive animal ever seen in order to try to conquer his beloved. However, he’s now a bit upset because he has not been reciprocated by her, but he won’t give up so easily…

Flantur also loves to eat, especially those yellow fruits called bananas, and that cold thing called ice cream! And sweet pies! And candy! And chocolate and cookies! Definitely, Flantur loves to eat.