ALIEN ROCKIN’ EXPLOSION AND THE GOLDEN RECORD  is an 80-page full color comic that tells the story of these crazy aliens that came to planet Earth to find out how to become Rock Stars.

Lots of fun, adventure and a sincere and honest tribute to rock and metal history, in these pages you will find lots of references to icons like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, AC/DC…

Written by Iván Díaz and drawn by Rubén “Pocopelo” Bravo (author of “Poco Pelo Pero Bien Peinao”, Círculo Rojo, 2016), it also includes ALIEN ROCKIN’ EXPLOSION first album «We A.R.E here!!»!

Alien Rockin' Explosion and The Golden Record

CRÓNICAS DE LA ROCKSISTENCIA  is Alien Rockin’ Explosion’s new book. 

An exciting adventure where the alien band has to fight a terrible intergalactic enemy and her lethal weapon: reggaeton music!

Will you join the Rocksistence??

Written by Iván Díaz and María Neila and ilustrated  by Leo Traverso (author of «Paint it green» album art), this story is, once again, full of humor, action and ROCK!

*Only in Spanish for the moment…

Crónicas de la Rocksistencia

Between 2015 and 2018, Spanish rock magazine La Heavy published A.R.E’s strips, following the daily adventures of these funny characters while they try to become true Rock Stars.

PD: Sorry, magazine strips only in Spanish!